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We’ve assisted many households throughout Auckland with a wide range of washing machine repair services. Because of our accurate diagnostic testing, we have a low call-back rate and offer a service guarantee. Here’s what some of our many happy customers have to say:


My washing machine had started to make an awful squeaking noise while agitating and I figured something needing attention (it was getting progressively worse). I phoned Washing Machine Repairs West and described the problem. Dave told me what it was most likely to be and advised me how to fix it myself. Problem fixed. I really appreciated that Dave was happy to share some knowledge rather than charge me a call out fee for something that only needed a little dose of CRC in the right places. Thanks Dave. It’s nice to deal with people who look after the customer.




An amazing job, the first tradesman I have had who has electrically tagged an appliance (as they are required to do by law) His knowledge of the machine was amazing and a job well done. Would recommend again.




David was an absolute pleasure to have in our home! He was so efficient and I was impressed by the speed he worked at. Everything was double checked and he found some stuff which would have probably broken in a little while! I was very impressed and I highly recommend his services!!”