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How to avoid on-going issues with your washing machine

It’s one of the most hard-working appliances in our homes, so with a little bit of regular care you can keep your washing machine performing well with minimal maintenance issues.

Watch your loads

Don’t overload your machine with large, bulky loads. A heavy load will put strain on the washing machine’s bearings, causing them to wear out faster.

Watch your scoops

The amount of washing powder you use is also important. It’s necessary to only use powder according to the size of your washing load: a full scoop for a full load, half a scoop for half a load, and just a small amount for a low load.

Clear the ‘scrud’

Give your machine a good clean once a month with a really hot wash. This helps clear away the ‘scrud’ that builds up inside the washing machine’s hoses.

Run on empty

If you usually just use cold or warm water for your washes, run an empty wash cycle using hot water and a dishwasher tablet – your machine will love you for it.